ONEment with Ataana

ONEment is conducted in different ways by Ataana,  every one is equally important and healing energy flows to every being present in the room and the video recordings. It is a sacred dance of energy healing, all and everything involved starts the light consciousness awareness, the participants, the building, the surroundings, a very important aspect is the grounding of  healing and prosperity energies  in the space where 1ment is conducted.

The group is forming  in a half circle, one by one steps forward in front of Ataana  and receives a short tune up,  1-5 minute tune up per person, then he works with the group and space consciousness, often he concludes the 1ment with a guided meditation, all in all it takes  30 min- 2 hours, he sometimes repeats the 1ment in new locations up to three times a day.

During 1ment participants reported entity clearings, implant removals, stress release chakra cleansing, karma clearings and a clarity of what the next step in life is.

After 1-3  days of 1ment participants reported a sense of overall clarity of mind and focus, and finding finally the strength to make core changes to live a healthier better life, but what you will experience depends on how deep you can open yourself for this transformational energy.

You are welcome to participate to as many onement sessions as required.

Onement is Ataana’s creative way to conduct, Gods healing light.

When 1ment occurs we are reminded anew that we are all Oneness. If you feel disconnected or just need a tune up this is for you.


Is a state that dissolves the illusion of separation, thus activating our self healing abilities, and reminding us of our infinite source, activating our consciousness.

Healing Within

The process is simple yet the results are astounding. The moment Ataana emits the light frequencies, you feel the energy activating, more like a “physical” shift in your being. As you connect to Higher Realms a subtle change occurs, like a  lightness activating your heart. The tune up transforms you, like a shower  of pure light turning on every cell in your body and every aspect of your energy, reminding the Soul to affect changes in your life and on Earth,  with the remembering that you are not alone and solutions are always present.

Long in the Making

Atanna has been guided for many years to assist the planet and Humanity, he is no guru or prophet but rather a person who feels what is necessary for the healthy energy flow and supports it. He is a conductor of  consciousness and elevation to Source, he lights the way for the Spirit’s Journey on this Earthly plane and to allow an understanding of the Healing we all hold within.


Please feel free to contact Ataana about 1ment in your city or to organize a get together in your place.


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